• Text Books

    Graphic Design


    by Robin Landa

    Exploring Typography

    by Tova Rabinowitz

  • Favorite reference books

    Visual Literacy

    by Judith Wilde

    Creative Photoshop

    by Derek Lea


    by Sharon Steuer

    Digital Expressions

    by Susan Tuttle

    Thinking with Type

    by Ellen Lupton


    by Dorr Bothwell

"To create a memorable design you need to start with a thought that’s worth remembering."

— Thomas Manss




Did you know?

Arts education helps prepare our students for the expectations of the twenty-first century workforce, which includes the ability to innovate, communicate and collaborate. One in six jobs in Southern California is now in the creative industries, including entertainment and communication arts, digital design, product and industrial design. California Alliance for Arts Education www.artsed411.org



Art Communicates

Just how does Art Communicate?; is the essential question behind all expressive or commercial oriented projects. The focus of these Art + Design classes is Visual Communication. Students explore the various ways  to communicate an idea or a message with an audience in mind. Students employ the creative process in all their efforts wheather the end result is pure self expression or a public service announcement. Students examine traditional visual art methods and techniques using new media applications -  Always with the message in mind.

These courses meet the UC/CSU California Visual and Performing Arts requirement.


The purpose of this website is to communicate with the students of my Art and Design Classes at

Beverly Hills High School and share links of interest for their homework and assignments.